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Dr. Pharm is a global manufacturer and supplier of precision solid dose manufacturing equipment to the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. Founded in 1986 under privatization programs, Dr. Pharm started establishing their mark as a leader in the industry. Dr. Pharm staffs over 600 employees many of which are skilled technicians with a large percentage being engineering graduates. Headquartered in a 300,000 ft2 facility in Beijing, Dr. Pharm utilizes several CNC machines, skilled fabricators, machinists, and enforces strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control protocols to manufacture quality equipment. Recently Dr. Pharm acquired SAR Labortecnic (Previously a division of Glatt Industries) expanding the product line to include Wet Granulators, Fluid Bed Drying, Tablet Coating, and Blending. To keep up with the increased demand and the additional product line, a new facility with over 900,000 ft2 under roof opened the doors in 2013. Dr. Pharm strives for continual growth and prides themselves as industry leaders in precision equipment.

Large CNC Machine | Dr. Pharm USA

Each machine is designed and engineered using state of the art CAD modeling software. The software package allows engineers to create and document part drawings from digitally created three dimensional models. These drawings are then used by machinists and fabricators when manufacturing machine components. Each drawing specifies key dimensions and tight tolerances that must be followed when fabricated each part. Precision manufactured parts require a great amount of time and attention to detail. To address this need, Dr. Pharm utilizes several vertical CNC machine centers. By incorporating computer controlled equipment, tight tolerances are controlled during manufacturing and allows for much greater repeatability.

CNC parts | Dr. Pharm USA

Dr. Pharm is committed to providing the best quality in solid dose manufacturing equipment. In doing so, meticulous quality control practices are enforced on all precision made parts. After a part is machined or fabricated, a quality control inspector is required to take measurements on critical part dimensions and record the value if it is within set tolerances. If a part is not manufactured within specifications, it is immediately rejection and corrective action is taken. Parts that pass inspection are recorded, and staged for machine assembly. Before each machine is shipped to a customer, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure all components are functioning and operating correctly. A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is conducted attempting to match as many customer conditions, such as product powder or capsules, as possible. Dr. Pharm doesn’t hesitate in inviting the customers themselves to attend the FAT in person.

Dr. Pharm takes pride in their developed manufacturing processes and equipment quality.