Request a Quote for Dr. Pharm Equipment

Complete a request for quote form on a selected Dr. Pharm product line. Each form contains a specific set of questions to help us better understand your process and what you are looking for. After completion of the request for quote, a sales representative will review the information and shortly be in contact to discuss. Make the first step in owning a Dr. Pharm Machine Today!

Automatic Capsule Fillers

CFM 3500 Automatic Capsule Filler

With some of the largest models in the world, Dr. Pharm is a global leader in providing quality automatic capsule filling equipment. The tamping style capsule filler provides precise filling accuracy at an affordable cost.

Tablet Press Equipment

GZP-40 Tablet Press

Dr. Pharm is proud to present the automatic tablet press equipment lines. For those who are making the next step to increase speed and output, Dr. Pharm has a model suitable for your application!

Tablet & Capsule Counters

CZG100-16A Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine

Our advanced vibratory lane counter is capable of dispensing a set number of capsules or tablets of many sizes. Complete lines are available to fully automate your packaging process from start to finish. Introductory to high-speed lines are all available.