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CFM 3500 automatic capsule filler | Dr. Pharm USA
The CFM 3500 is a large output production model capsule filler produces 3500 capsules per minute

Explore the variety of Dr. Pharm automatic capsule filler equipment. Whether you are looking to automating your capsule filling process or increase your production capability, Dr. Pharm has an encapsulation machine for your needs. Capsule filler models can output finished product from 400 capsules per minute up to 15,000 per minute. Each filler automatically takes empty capsules and fills each capsule with a set dosage of powder, pellets or granules. Every capsule filler model utilizes a tamping style system with multiple tamping stations that allows encapsulation at a much higher rate compared to other styles. The large diameter dosing discs take advantage of rotational physical forces allowing precision weight control at high speeds. View one of the many capsule filler models Dr. Pharm offers, Download a Capusle Filler Brochure, or contact us today.



  • Precision capsule filler technology

  • All encapsulation machines meet cGMP and FDA requirements

  • Large motor and gear box increases capabilities to compact difficult powders into capsules

  • Every capsule filler machine features a touch screen HMI

  • Safety features include over 12 audible alarms alerting operator of machine activity

  • Mechanical cam driven design allow smooth reliable operation

  • All encapsulation machines are equipped with Siemens electrical components and PLC

  • Large diameter dosing disc delivers precision capsule filling at high output speeds

  • Capsule sizes 00 to 5

  • Dust collection unit, capsule polisher, and vacuum pump included in bundle price

Capsule Filler Models

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CFM 3500 Capsule Filler in Action

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