CFM 3500 - Automatic Capsule Filler

The Dr. Pharm CFM 3500 Automatic Capsule Filler is an intermediate to large output model for companies seeking fully automated encapsulation with a wide variety of filling product types. This tamping style capsule filler sits on a stable framework and utilizes a large cam drive mechanism. Each capsule segment contains dual rows of 12 bores and is capable of outputting 3500 capsules per minute. All capsule fillers are able to fill capsule sizes 00 all the way down to 5. The CFM models feature a large HMI screen, allowing operators to change speed parameters, and track overall output. For those looking to start automatic capsule filling with a variety of product types or seeking an increase in overall output, the CFM 3500 is the solution. Download a CFM 3500 Brochure, or contact us today.


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CFM 3500

Model: CFM 3500
Max Output(Capsules/min): 3500
Bores Per Segment: 24
Rows Per Segment: 2
Capsule Sizes: 00 - 5
Filling Precision: ±3%
Noise ≤ 78 dB
Drive Motor: 3.0 kW (4 HP)
Power Requirements: 220 V (3 Ph 60 Hz)
Air Requirements: 60 psi (3 cfm)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1310x1280x2000 mm (51"x50"x79")
Net Weight: 1850 kg (4078 lbs)


  • Large size production capsule filling machine

  • Robust and reliable

  • Siemens brand PLC, HMI, and electrical componenets are standard

  • Allen Bradley brand option available

  • Over 12 different function alarms for operator and machine safety

  • Printable data statistics receipt available directly from machine

  • Heavy duty drive cam provides the ability to tamp stickier type products

  • SEW Eurodrive brand motor and gearbox used for dependable operation

  • Touch screen HMI

  • Pellet and bead filling attachment option is available

  • Meets cGMP and FDA requirements

  • Capsule sizes 00 to 5

  • Dust collection unit, capsule polisher, and vacuum pump included in bundle price

Watch a Video

Clean Operation of the CFM 3500
The Dr. Pharm CFM 3500 Automatic Capsule Filler in Action
Production Operation of the CFM 3500

Download the CFM 3500 Automatic Capsule Filler Brochure

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    CFM 3500 Brochure

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