Automatic Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines

CZG100-16A Tablet and Capsule Counting Mahcine | Dr. Pharm USA
The CZG100-16 Electronic Counter is an excellent solution for automatic counting of tablets and capsules

Dr. Pharm specializes in electronic tablet and capsule counting for the pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing industry. Search through the multiple counting machines Dr. Pharm provides. Vibration tray channel technology allows various solid dose product types to be counted and filled into bottles. Start automating your packaging process and get results with a new electronic tablet and capsule counter today. Find out more by selecting one of the counting machine models, or contact us today.



  • Multi-Lane vibratory tray counters

  • Multiple levels of isolated vibration control

  • Dynamic Infrared Scanning Technology determines proper capsule or tablet size that is being counted

  • Automatic rejection of incorrect count and bottles with damaged or broken capsules and tablets

  • Quick disassembly and easy cleaning

  • 304 stainless steel construction

We offer turnkey solutions for entire counting lines from entry level up to high-speed applications. Each piece of equipment is selected and integrated to meet your specific processing needs. Please download a brochure today!

Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine Models

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CZG-100A Electronic Counter Operating at High Speed
Full Counting Line 3-D CAD Video
Full Production Line of Dr. Pharm Counting Equipment

Download a Tablet and Capsule Counting Line Brochure

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