CZG100-32A - Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine

The Dr. Pharm CZG100-32A is an advance level tablet and capsule counting machine designed for established companies seeking additional automated output in packaging processes. This model utilizes 2 CZG100-16A units in tandem, doubling the overall output. Each counter contains 6 separately isolated vibrators that control product movement on tiered trays. Tablets or capsules are singulated across individual channels and drop across infrared eyes that use Dynamic Infrared Technology to determine the individual product length. Using this technology allows the counter to reject bottles containing broken capsules or tablets. The CZG100-32A is a great model for those seeking high output in tablet and capsule packaging automation. Download a CZG100-32A Brochure, or contact us today.


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Model: CZG100/32A
Max Speed(tablets/min): 20000
Filling Quantity Per Bottle: 8-9999
Tablet Specifications: Thickness: 3-1 0mm
Diameter: 3-15 mm
Length: 3-25 mm
Bottle Specifications: Diameter: 30-75 mm
Height: 40-250 mm
Number of Lanes: 4x8
Number of Vibrators: 12
Hopper Volume: 4x5 gal
Conveyor Length: 3200 mm (126")
Power Requirements: 220 V (3 Ph 60 Hz)
Air Requirements: 73 psi (10 cfm)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 2400x1710x1800 mm (95"x67"x71")
Net Weight: 1400 kg (3027 lbs)

Product Overview

  • 32 Counting Channels

  • 12 independently controlled electromagnetic vibrators

  • Dynamic Infrared Scanning Technology

  • Bottle rejection of incorrect count, and bottles containing damaged or broken capsules/tablets

  • Touch screen HMI

  • Meets all cGMP and FDA requirements

  • Quick disassembly and easy to clean

  • 304 stainless steel construction

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CZG-100A Electronic Counter Operating at High Speed
Full Counting Line 3-D CAD Video
Full Production Line of Dr. Pharm Counting Equipment

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