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 GZPS 720 rotary tablet press machine | Dr. Pharm USA
The GZPS 720 rotary tablet press outputs single or double layer tablets at large production speeds

Dr. Pharm offers a wide range of rotary tablet pressing equipment. Every model is equipped with a pre-compression and main-press roller, both capable of multiple tons of force resulting in more pressure during powder compaction and ultimately better tablet quality. All Dr. Pharm's rotary tablet presses feature automatic weight control enabling full automatic tablet pressing with precise weight control. If a specific tablet shape is required, whether it is round, irregular, embossed, de-bossed, or annular, Dr. Pharm offers quailty tablet press tooling for both TSM and EU standards. Get more information by checking out one of the many tablet presses Dr. Pharm offers, Download a Rotary Tablet Press Brochure, or contact us today.



  • Precision tablet pressing technology

  • All tablet machines meet cGMP and FDA requirements

  • Equipped with multi ton force pre-compression and main compression rollers

  • Designed for quick disassembly and easy cleaning

  • Tablet rejection system standard

  • Force-feed system prevents segregation of disparate granule sizes

  • PLC control with auto protective features

  • HMI display monitors each individual tablet punch pressure

  • Capable of two layer tablets, annular, round, engraved, and irregular shaped tablets

  • All tablet presses feature automatic weight control function

Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Models

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GZPS-720 Tablet Press 3-D Model Product Video
Dr. Pharm GZP-26 Producing Tablets
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