Dr. Pharm USA Services

Powder Analysis

Let Dr. Pharm USA analyze your powder to assist in making your process or equipment more efficient. Determining key characteristics such as flow properties or powder compaction properties can make the difference for streamlined equipment operation. Our team will conduct a series of tests and create a complete report outlining the characteristics of your product powder. Also included will be recommendations to help improve your processes. If you are interested in a Dr. Pharm machine, we recommend going to through this process to best determine right piece of equipment that is going to work for you.

Right Stuff Powder Labratory
Close up  of Right Stuff Powder Labratory

Design & Line Layouts

Dr. Pharm USA engineers specialize in custom design work using state of the art CAD modeling software. Along with the full use of our machine and fabrication shop, the bounds of custom fabrication are limitless with Right Stuff Equipment. We are also experts in putting together fully automated line layouts together. Not only will you receive detailed document drawings of a full line in your building, but we can organize and execute the logistics from order date to when you are up and running with your brand new automation line.

Installation & Training

Dr. Pharm USA engineers are factory trained on all equipment. Let us start and finish the integration of new equipment for you. When equipment ships and arrives at your facility. Our engineers will be ready to place, install and integrate your new piece of equipment. After the installation and integration is complete, our engineers will train as many operators as you need. Our goal is to set you up for success by teaching you to become experts as well!

Preventative Maintenance

Set up a preventative maintenance program with Dr. Pharm USA. Keeping regular inspections on vital components of your new equipment is key in preserving the lifetime of operation. Let our trained engineers perform maintenance checks and replace necessary parts on scheduled intervals of your choice. Get the most value out of your equipment by increasing the longevity of operation with a preventative maintenance program.

Equipment Demonstrations

Within the Right Stuff Equipment facility, there is a dedicated show room featuring Dr. Pharm equipment. Machines are used as needed to test any of your powders at production speeds. We invite you to see the machines inside and out.

Right Stuff Demo Room
CFM1200 Close Up in the Demo Room